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ELFBAR and LOST MARY redefine next-gen vaping at World Vape Show 2024

  • Four industry trends take shape alongside 20+ new products
  • Two global leaders’ stringent quality control given spotlight
  • Used vape recycling and youth protection enhanced globally
  • Vaping innovator LOST MARY officially enters the UAE, a key market

DUBAI, UAE, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leading global vaping brands ELFBAR and LOST MARY announced four industry-defining trends in launch of over 20 new products at the World Vape Show 2024, Dubai.

ELFBAR and LOST MARY transcend single-use and pod system by introducing breakthroughs in atomizing technology, innovative configurations, sensational features, and an extensive flavor collection — the four trends reiterating both brands’ long-standing commitment to user experience, and to driving the industry’s rapid expansion.

“We can’t wait to share our latest R&D results in products with adult users worldwide, including those in the Middle East,” said Jacques Xiang Li, spokesperson for ELFBAR and LOST MARY.

“We’ve been turbocharging the effort to align products more with the users’ cessation journey, and inspire the industry’s transformation with new ideas,” he added.

“Besides breakthroughs in product development and technology, this fair also marks LOST MARY’s official arrival in the UAE — a natural step after we’ve tested the waters in neighboring markets, listened to stakeholders, and gathered feedback on how we do things right,” said Lauren Huang, General Manager for both brands in Middle East and Africa.

“E-cigarette sales in the UAE are projected to reach US$ 68.5 million in 2024[1] — an opportunity we’re eager to explore with business partners,” she added.

Advancement in atomization

DUAL MESH and TRIPLE MESH — two upgraded core atomizing technologies — are quickly scalable to the latest ELFBAR and LOST MARY products. These technologies based on Mesh Coil bring stronger bursts of vapor and a longer usage span, setting new heights in Mesh technology.

ELFBAR ventures into the open pod system — a new category — with its ELFX series. The industry’s first DUAL MESH-powered refillable pod kit has the highest power output, at 45W, allowing users to enjoy ELFBAR’s premium quality in a refillable fashion.

ELFBAR GH23000 sports with the industry’s first TRIPLE MESH, featuring a trio of coils linked to three adjustable modes.

ELFBAR FS18000, with DUAL MESH inside, enables two pieces of mesh to reduce coil loss and double the overall lifespan.

Form meets functionality

Both brands are redefining established product forms by transforming inspiration into reality. They are enhancing the user experience with higher puff counts and a broader range of flavors.

ELFBAR EW9000 features two parallel magnetic parts in its latest vape kit — a single-use pod that can be replaced, and an 820 mAh attachable charging unit — that are magnetically connected to offer long-lasting performance with up to 9,000 puffs in one go.

Additionally, LOST MARY introduces its first 4 in 1 product, featuring an interactive screen, two power modes, and four prefilled pods capable of delivering up to 3,200 puffs. Recognizing the importance of flavors in encouraging smokers to switch, this customizable device offers the option to choose from four different flavors.

Smart experience

Smart and interactive features including larger displays and high power output are incorporated into the products — all for a more immersive experience.

LOST MARY MO20000 Pro and OS15000 respectively present the industry’s largest high-definition and the first transparent display, showing e-liquid and battery levels.

Wide variety of flavors

LOST MARY boasts the industry’s largest flavor collection with 1,000 samples. The brand’s R&D effort has been exploring new flavor ingredients to meet diversified demand.

Quality matters

Both brands strategically position product quality as the center of R&D.

The product quality evaluation covers 142 tests on e-liquids, 22 on aerosol, and 65 on devices, while exploring new materials, techniques, and ingredients. In April 2024 alone, 6,174 tests were conducted on prefilled e-liquids in products available on the market.

Currently, multiple reliable manufacturing partners run over 50 fully automated lines, raising efficiency in a clean environment, and guaranteeing products’ consistent quality.

“We urge adults to purchase through official channels and authenticate the products,” said Lauren Huang. “Counterfeits have been rampant within the region, and concerted effort has shut down 229 counterfeit-related businesses worldwide. We are willing to do more, and we need consumers’ involvement.”

Global social responsibility

GreenAwareness, ELFBAR’s vape recycling program, plans to enter more global markets and include various brands.

This program, among the industry’s earliest, started in the UK. By April this year, nearly 2,000 bins were placed, and over 200,000 discarded vapes, weighing 5,611 kilograms, were collected, dismantled, and processed responsibly.

Meanwhile, to ensure vapes are “out of sight, out of reach, and out of knowledge” of children, ELFBAR’s guardian program “Lighthouse” has self-regulated product design, R&D, marketing, and sales.

In June, the brands’ first-ever ESG report will be released, highlighting responsible measures taken by both brands.


ELFBAR is a pioneer in the global vaping industry. Since its inception in 2018, it has been exploring new frontiers by providing a diverse experience with its wide lineup of harm-reduction products.

ELFBAR stays committed to compliance, youth access prevention and sustainable growth in its unwavering responsibility as a leading brand favored and referred by tens of millions of adult users worldwide.

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Global vaping innovator LOST MARY is dedicated to discovering the value of vaping, setting the trend, and benchmarking the quality.

For years, LOST MARY has progressed in breaking free from traditional product forms, navigating unchartered innovation territories, and bringing the best possible user experience with new designs, technologies and flavors.

LOST MARY now has a presence in over 50 global markets, where tens of millions of adult users prefer its products. According to third-party data, LOST MARY is among the top vape brands in many markets by brand awareness and sales volume.

As of now, the brand owns over 200 patents worldwide.

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