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LOST MARY and QUAQ triumph with several renowned design awards

LONDON, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Global vaping innovator LOST MARY today announced TAPPO, its flagship refillable pod system, is awarded for its brand asset designs in the UK and the US.

The honors, including the Gold Award of American Good Design 2024 and the Gold Winner of London Design Awards 2023, are a testament to TAPPO’s positioning as a peerless powerhouse.

TAPPO’s powerful performance is brought into reality by vaping solution QUAQ, which has also been laureated the Silver Award of American Good Design 2024, and the Silver Winner of London Design Awards 2023, for its impressive offline event installation.

TAPPO’s trendsetting visual presentation

TAPPO boasts a stainless aluminum shell that embodies the brand’s pioneering spirit and ergonomic design. Its edgy visual language fully captures an elegant and premium aesthetic.

Visuals and posters highlight TAPPO’s intricate details and cartridge, reflecting a captivating metallic glamour with droplets symbolizing its smooth texture.

Complemented by gradient or ripple backgrounds, banners and product photos vividly showcase TAPPO’s superior quality and shimmering finish.

The purple rays on the banner aligns with the product’s futurism, while the series of photos present close-up shots from various angles, revealing its intricate internal structure.

The web pages utilize a plain black backdrop to accentuate TAPPO’s striking appearance and product highlights, creating a sense of intrigue in its overall design.

In promotional videos, LOST MARY’s visual designers showcase TAPPO’s fusion of technology and luxury, highlighting its distinctive appearance and premium texture. The videos also demonstrate the powerful QUAQ atomization solution that lies at the core of TAPPO.

TAPPO’s key visual

QUAQ offline event installation art

The installation device of QUAQ — the industry-leading atomizing solution consisting of QUAQ MESH, QUAQ CELL, and QUAQ CAPSULE — was at the center of the display zone in an offline launch event in London in November 2023.

The trio of technologies, designed to empower LOST MARY and ELFBAR products, offer an immersive experience with interstellar exploration as its design concept.

The breakdown of a vaping device, resembling a rocket, gives the installation a science-fiction touch, and fully demonstrates the solution’s atomization performance and its exploration of unchartered territories.

In the meantime, vigorous bursts of flavor and vapor, accurate temperature control, instant coil saturation, and consistent flavor reproduction — outcomes brought by QUAQ — were all chronicled and demystified how they complement with each other to elevate adult users’ experience.

On-site, four display tables are set up to display the enlarged demos of three technologies, underscoring QUAQ’s unparalleled R&D-driven approach compared to conventional solutions while offering visitors to interact with the latest QUAQ-powered products.

Launch event for QUAQ and TAPPO in London, November 2023


Global vaping innovator LOST MARY is dedicated to discovering the value of vaping, setting the trend, and benchmarking the quality.

For years, LOST MARY has progressed in breaking free from traditional product forms, navigating unchartered innovation territories, and bringing the best possible user experience with new designs, technologies and flavors.

LOST MARY now has a presence in over 50 global markets, where tens of millions of adult users prefer its products. According to third-party data, LOST MARY is among the top vape brands in many markets by brand awareness and sales volume.

As of now, the brand owns over 200 patents worldwide.

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About QUAQ

Global vaping solution provider QUAQ started its journey of advancing atomisation technologies in 2022. From then, QUAQ has navigated into unchartered territories and presented its “triathlon” technologies in 2023. This will help to power the next generation of vaping products by offering an unparalleled experience in collaboration with key vaping brands.

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