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TOPDON Unveils State-of-the-Art Thermal Imaging Camera with 9mm Adjustable Lens

ROCKAWAY, N.J., April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TOPDON, the premier provider of cutting-edge technology and advanced tools for auto repair professionals and enthusiasts, just unveiled its latest in professional grade thermal imaging technology showcased in the new TS001. This long-focus Android thermal imager is designed to capture sharp images, even for objects as close as PCB boards.

TOPDON Thermal Imaging Camera TS001

“Thermal imaging has become a critical tool to quickly and accurately target and repair complex issues across a wide range of industries” said Mike Zhou, CEO of TOPDON. “As a leader in advanced solutions for the automotive industry, we’re proud to unveil our most sophisticated thermal imaging technology in the TS001. This powerful new thermal imaging camera will be a significant tool to troubleshoot structural, electrical, and mechanical failures, as well as increase safety in challenging conditions.”

Using a 9mm adjustable lens, the TS001 offers infrared imaging clarity from 0.1 to 500 meters. With 256×192 IR resolution, flawless results are attainable for both macro electrical detection and outdoor observation. Its 25Hz high-speed frame rate swiftly captures tiny faults, while the robust measurement modes offer accurate temperature readings and intuitive heat distribution insights.

“The advanced technology we engineered in our TS001 thermal imaging technology has far-reaching applications outside the auto industry,” said Zhou. “As the technology is not only preventative, it can also lead to increased safety and energy efficiency wherever detecting quick and accurate variations in temperature patterns is required. Professionals in industrial maintenance, electrical inspections, building and HVAC, and medical diagnostics are among the many who will benefit from our technology.”

The TS001 includes several advanced features including:

  • Superior image quality with 256×192 IR resolution
  • The adjustable 9mm lens ensures clarity for objects both near and far
  • Observation mode swiftly captures targets with finesse
  • Smart temperature alert
  • Real-time temperature waveform
  • 10 Color Palettes

For more features about the TS001, visit

Founded in 2017 TOPDON is a provider of entry-level, mid-level, and advanced tools and solutions for professional technicians, as well as DIY enthusiasts. Globally, TOPDON has over 250 industry-leading engineers and owns over 500 patents and software Copyrights. The company’s cutting-edge technology helps shops minimize downtime and maximize profits. For more information visit

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